I have many digital backgrounds in a variety of themes, and lots more coming soon.
These versatile images can be used either to replace existing photo backgrounds, or I can do photo shoots with the green chroma
key screen backdrop, which is specifically for taking images intended for digital background - the green background is removed from
the image and the remaining portraiture is then inserted onto digital background, creating a completely new image.
The digital backgrounds I have are either my own photography or graphical work, or are images I have purchased with licence to use
for portrait work. These pages show the digital backgrounds I have available, as well as some examples of them in use.
These pages open in new windows so you can easily return to this page by closing the open window (page)

The images on these pages are small examples just to show what backgrounds I have available.
They are not intended for download or use elsewhere. No unauthorised copying, editing or other use of any kind is permitted

Please Note: Some pages contain more images than others and therefore may take longer to load. Photo's & categories will be added from time to time.

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