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After some deliberation I have decided to include this page. All feedback & comments shown are genuine but to preserve privacy I am
not including details of those who wrote them. The sources in which they came are via Email, Webform, Facebook page and/or profile, Facebook & Yahoo groups in which I participate with my personal photography (customer shoot images are never used for this purpose), other online social media and in person. This page was suggested by a possible customer as a way for other prospective customers to see what other's think of my work, and is not intended as a personal " brag ".

I am always happy to receive feedback so please feel free to contact me or leave your comments on my Facebook page, profile etc.
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I just love your photos, Karen Owens. You take the most amazing shots!

You are a most talented photographer

You do amazing work

I love your images

Thank you for taking the time to share all your lovely work Karen Owens ... I enjoy seeing them

I love your photos always something interesting to look at, don't stop!

You always post great photos

I love how versatile you are, you have a large range of subjects and you capture each one wonderfully!
Great photos from a WONDERFUL photographer.

Hi your work really inspired me

Your photos are like something you would see on a calendar! Awesome! x

Your photography is amazing

You've got a good eye for the beauty of nature Karen

Karen, you must be out and about taking photo's every single day ... love your work!

Karen you take some awesome them.

Fabulous, awesome, amazing photo's Karen Owens

You always take amazing shots Karen Owens

Just luv your photos

Love all your photos Karen!

Some beautiful shots you have. I particularly like the waterfalls.

Karen Owens, you are one very talented photographer.

Omg Karen they're stunning I was crying thank you so so much
(From a happy customer)

Loved the photo shoot - It was so much fun!
(From a happy customer)

Such lovely pictures!

Wow - fantastic photos Karen Owens

What fantastic photos! Thank you Karen. Xx
(From a happy customer)

Wow absolutely stunning pics xx


All pics are fab xx

All the pictures r stunning xx

Beautiful fotos x

Just have to say your photos are always stunning, I look forward to seeing them every day xx

D'ya know what Karen Owens.. I am proud to say I am a fan of your work.

I always look forward to your 5 a day too. Always something different in there and lots of to do places to remember

Love your pics, you see the magic of life, thanx for sharing

Super shots Karen. I particularly like your macro shots.

First class Karen Owens!

You do great pics... just wish I knew how to use my camera like you do...

Beautiful selection of gorgeous photos Karen

Karen I love your photos!

Like like like like!!!! Beautiful!


Again & again you are always producing awesome photos from your beautiful country! x

They are all stunning xxx

Lovely Karen. You've got an eye for beauty and are so good at capturing it.

Lovely photos x

Karen Owens. Your photos never cease to have an impact on me...

Beautiful photos thank you for posting

Stunning photos x

Karen Owens. M*** R******* paid you a massive compliment on your
photography when we met today. We are both big fans of your work.

Love your pictures, always something different

Your photography is amazing

Thank you for the pictures, they are beautiful!

(From a happy customer)

Stunning photographs xx

Lovely shots Karen

Stunning pics Karen Owens X

They took photos for my son's christening and the pictures turned out beautiful
I would highly recommend these to anyone they are amazing
(Facebbok review from a customer after Siān and I photographed her Son's Christening)

Fabulous shots love em all!

Really beautiful shots

Such great shots

Once again, I am blown away by your talent as a photographer

A set of images each different in subject, the photographer Karen Owens can certainly test the viewer. But don't be surprised
by the change of subject or scene, each one is an excellent visual statement. Her earlier works are worth tracking down.

Wonderful photographs from Karen Owens, there are many subjects and she has not let the viewer down

Can't recommend Karen enough. Came to the house to take some photographs for a birthday present, after being let down by her
suppliers for a canvas, Karen completely went out of her way to ensure that I had one in time and was not let down.
Brilliant pictures and canvas too. Thank you.
(Facebook review from a happy customer)

Wish I could say getting to know you Karen Owens, but yet again a superb set of images to delight the viewer, full of surprises
in subject contrasts in locations quality throughout ... like ... like ... Your choices are ever amazing.

(Posted in a photography group as comment to a group of photo's I shared)

Simply superb!

Still you keep pulling up some amazing photos golly gosh makes me jealous of the things you see

Karen are a damn fine photographer

Some cracking shots!

Everyday I look for your submissions... it's like opening a new gift everyday.
(Comment on a selection of photo's I posted in a group where I post a few photo's daily or when I can)

you are an amazing photographer.. gifted xxx

Twice we have met and on both occasions the images have been absolute beautiful. Thank you so much for lasting memory's.
(Facebook review from a happy customer)


There are many more comments on my individual albums on Facebook but I won't add them all here!
To all those who have been kind enough to leave me feedback, comments and reviews Thank you, it is very kind of you.

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