Jeannette & Peter
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28/10/14. A special portfolio shoot which Jeannette & Peter kindly volunteered to do with me. We had a brilliant day but I am surprised
we actually managed to get any photo's with all the laughing and giggling! The two beautiful dogs were so well behaved and are both
little stars in my eyes and camera lens (see the "Dogs" page for their photo's!) As a thank you Jeannette & Peter received a CD of the final
edits in full size without copyright logo to use as they wish. Thank you both for your time, hospitality and laughter.

If you are interested in a portfolio shoot please get in touch. These shoots are FREE and a CD of final edits is provided afterwards.
I can come to you or do the shoot in my studio. As these are portfolio shoots, agreement to take part is considered permission for me to use the images
for printed and online portfolios - they will not be used in any other way. The only other condition is that neither party is to use them for financial gain.

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