Photo Shoot ~ Suzi
This page is intended to display examples of my work, and therefore all images are shown at a reduced size.
No unauthorised copying, editing or other use of any kind is permitted

All images - All Rights Reserved

08/10/15 - The photo's on this page were taken as mutual portfolio images for Suzi and myself. We had a lot of fun in the studio and took
loads of photo's. The images on this page are Suzi's choice from the final edits, we plan to do more shoots in the near future.

If you or someone you know is a model or aspiring model and in need of portfolio images, why not get in touch to arrange mutual shoots
such as this one. All images will be supplied FREE on cd in two sizes in colour and black & white, without logo or watermark. Printing & sharing
rights are granted as part of the agreement but copyright remains property of Utopia Photography at all times. Images may not be
used by either party for financial gain but will be used for my portfolio & promotional purposes as part of the agreement.

If you would like me to photograph portfolio images for you please get in touch
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