Photo Clinic ~ Image Restoration & Improvement

I often have customers asking if I can restore or improve their treasured old family photo's, and am pleased to say that in most cases
I can help. I start by making high quality scans using my photo & negative scanner, and then by working on the image digitally to make
a new version. I can clean up marks and damage, increase or reduce the size, remove discolouration and unwanted background artifacts
or even improve, replace or remove the background itself. It is important to remember though that a photo would need to be pretty clear
to start with - whilst I can make overall improvements, I cannot make recognisable faces etc from an image that is originally blurred or badly out of focus or remove heavy shadowing. Also, whilst I can increase the original image size, if the image was not very clear to
start with this will not improve the overall image and may result in a grainier appearance. In these cases by artificially adding soft focus
or similar effect (on portraits for example) it may produce a more pleasing look if the image is to be framed. I can only, and always will
do my best - and my customers are usually very happy with the results! So if you wish me to help you with photo restoration or improvement please feel free to get in touch. I will need you to provide me with the original image or negative so I can scan it myself,
this will provide me with a large enough file to work on for better chances of success. You can send me a digital version by email but
it would need to be scanned to very large format and may not go through the internet system! You will get your original back plus the
new version/s in print and/or supplied in digital format via email or on CD.

Below are some examples of previous restoration & improvement work (not shown in full size).

This customer had a small version of her parent's wedding photo. It needed cleaning up plus age discolouration removed. The customer also wanted it made larger to be displayed in a frame. I removed marks and damage and improved the discolouration. I also cropped out some unneccessary areas to bring the focus more on to the happy couple, rather than what is around them. This image printed out very well up to A4 size and my customer was very happy with her new family treasure!

This customer had a small photo of his late father and wanted a larger one showing more of his father than the area around and behind him. The customer was aware that as the original was not very clear, the photo quality could not be greatly improved, but all he wanted was to see more of his father and accepted this unfortunate fact. I increased the size and cropped the area around his father the best I could, if I did any more than this it would just create an unrecogniseable blur in this instance. I also cleaned up marks and improved the age discolouration and it printed well up to size A5. My customer was very happy with the result.

The above photo's were done for my family, old family images that were in bad condition


If you wish me to work on old/damaged photo's please get in touch