Other Props Etc

These items are available to be used during photo sessions if required. More will be added from time to time.
If there is anything you are looking for to incorporate into your photo shoot and I don't have it, please let me know
and I will do my best to obtain what you require. Thank you.



These fabrics can be used as backdrops, covers, or as wrap around costumes etc.




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Orange Organza with Embroidered Flowers
Rainbow Organza
Silvery Grey Crushed Velvet / Velour. Can be used on reverse side for matt surface.
Turquoise Chinese Silk
White Net with Prismatic Circles
Red Organza with Velvety Pattern
Multi Colour
Chinese Silk
Shiny Turquoise Organza
Turquoise Net with Prismatic Circles
Vinyl Wooden Floor Effect